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About Us

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Maya Medi Spa is an aesthetics bar specialising in micro treatments, and we have a whole new take on beauty routines. We liven up your look with next-level specialists, products, and technology. 

Why? Because Maya Medi Spa fundamentally believes that no matter your lifestyle, carting kids around, ruling the dance floor, commanding the boardroom, or anything in between, everyone deserves to look and feel their best. We’re a passionate team who loves playing a role in that. Our unique approach, cantered around your natural beauty, comfort, and convenience, is designed to get you back to doing you and looking flawless, too.


Maya Medi Spa is here for you. Think of us as an ally. We make the most out of every experience by providing superior customer service and taking a holistic approach to beauty—playing the role of expert, artist, and confidant. We offer the latest innovations. No two faces or two bodies look alike, and neither do beauty routines. In addition to our most coveted dual body sculpting with CoolSculpting, Botox and fillers, we offer various treatments to best suit you—from HydraFacial, PRP, Medical Facials, PDO thread lift to Microneedling; We’re never short on beauty insights.

We make sure you look and feel amazing before heading out into the wild. A quick touch-up? No problem. Advice on must-have products? Absolutely. Hot tips for new lips? You got it.

Our Credo


Every treatment tool we use at Maya Medi Spa takes sterility as a good priority. They are packed at a concerned level keeping every single customer in mind and this goes by a dedicated no-compromise from our side.


Our skin-care products go easy on the skin. They are submissive on humanitarian grounds with most of them being either natural or organic.


In 8 distinct years of service in the United States, our sole enthusiasm was contained in providing the best treatment regimens to our customers. Irrespective to what service they choose, there was always an assurance of safe & sound hands. In India, it’ll be the same.


Every service Maya Medi Spa provides will be performed by fully-accredited, certified, licensed and skilled professionals. Some even say they are probably born to make beauty, more beautiful. Passion is anyway, always there.


With shining-bright attention to detail, our rooms, bathrooms & pods are spacious, luxurious and are firmly only there to make you feel a lot about being in a totally different world.


We love results. A great result for you is a giant result for us. Helping clients and customers receive the results they deserve is the very core of what we do. What we believe

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