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Experts Reveal Pre-Wedding Haircare Rituals To Elevate Your Hair Game

Constant styling and environmental factors can lead to a very dull, itchy scalp and that’s where Keravive comes into the picture to effectively treat this condition that is often neglected.

Skincare tips to look more gorgeous | The Statesmen


In India, the festival season is in its charm on every corner, and everyone wants to look gorgeous and glowing. So it’s time to give attention to your skin health which is the only way to get the perfect tones and glow.

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Why has IV therapy become so popular recently?

Everyone from Kim Kardashian and Rihanna to Brad Pitt and Madonna love it and swear by it. We’re talking about IV infusions.



A round-up of the most cutting-edge sculpting treatments for that chiseled facial contour

Did you know that those chiseled facial contours of your dreams are but a treatment away? Three leading dermatologists weigh in on the most powerful and potent sculpting procedures currently available



Acids Too Strong For Your Skin? Try Enzymes Instead

“When it comes to skincare, enzymes cause a skin reaction where they help loosen the ‘glue’ or the keratin protein, that bonds dead skin cells to the top layer of the skin, thus causing it to exfoliate and be washed off easily,”

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Beauty tips on lip-fillers: Trends, precautions to take, guide to get it right

Lip-fillers are a popular cosmetic treatment in which Botox is injected to the upper lip to make the lips look fuller, plump, enlarge and hydrated. However, check out these trends, precautions to take and the guide on how to get your pout right

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Want to contour your jawline?

Good news for those who want a minimally invasive facelift but do not want to undergo the knife. Check out these non-surgical beauty procedures that promise to give you a tighter, youthful-looking face and contour your jawline with topical skin treatments

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These are the non-surgical facelift treatments to consider for glowing skin

You need to understand your limit. Always look for a good doctor who is experienced and talk about your problems and ask their opinions.

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Maya Medi Spa launches EMSCULPT in Bangalore

It is the first and only non-invasive body shaping procedure that simultaneously addresses both Muscle and Fat creating unbelievable contouring results!

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Celebrating the Doyenne: Chaitanya Kenchammanahoskote

Chaitanya Kenchammanahoskote is the Founder of Maya Medi Spa,an aesthetics medical spa specialising in micro treatments.

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Femina Reviews: For A More-Toned You

Bangalore’s leading aesthetics medical spa specialising in micro treatments, Maya Medi Spa has launched Emsculpt – the only USFDA-cleared technology in the world that strengthens your muscle and burns fat. 

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Femina Icons Of South: Chaitanya Kenchammanahoskote, A Skincare Enthusiast

An aesthetics medical spa specialising in micro treatments, Maya Medi Spa founded by Chaitanya Kenchammanahoskote, offers a whole new take on beauty routines.  Bengaluru girl Kenchammanahoskote has always been passionate about skincare and is a name of recon within the aesthetics dermatology industry. 

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Lockdown skincare: If your skin looks dull and blemished, then here are a few hacks that can help you have a youthful and glowing skin. 

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